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Decostyle 80 is online

Time does fly! This is already the 80th edition of Decostyle, your professional magazine for interior concepts that appears every three months.

As you know, some time ago, we revamped our website and rethought the distribution and digitalisation of our medium. We remind you of the fact not every issue is only distributed in print. You continue to receive our professional magazine for free, but from now on this will only be in the form of a navigable PDF. This PDF will be put on our home page in the three languages we use and we will inform you by means of a mailing when this PDF is available for your free download.

Are you a professional (interior architects/interior designers, specialists in sun protection, stores specialised in decoration, hotels with more than ten rooms, the (design) furniture sector, specialists in floor coverings, shop designers, the sector of interior textiles,…), subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you receive this mailing.

Print version only by means of subscription

Does this mean Decostyle will no longer be available in print? No! The print version in Dutch and French remains, but from now on will only be sent to readers who pay for their subscription. How we make this possible, what you have to do and what it costs is clarified under the header ‘Subscription’ on our website.

Download the English PDF here